Stryker Hardcore

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Stryker’s are a trend setting Thermogenic (Fat Burner) and sensory experience product line. When you take the fight to the fat with a powerful ally like Stryker, you are in a position of total domination. Stryker has been developed to burn fat faster, longer and more efficiently to help you finally achieve your dream physique through the power of thermogenesis. Feel energized and focused all day without harsh crashes or jitters that is common with many other stimulant only diet products. Not only will you be burning fat but you will be laying siege and crushing result-sabotaging food cravings.

Feel an optimal sensory experience and elevated sense of motivation and overall improved sense of well-being. Experience endless energy, that is smooth yet hard hitting enough to power through your workouts like never before.

  • 50mg of Ephedra
  • Massive Energy Boost
  • Improved Thermogenic Conditioning
  • Reduced Fat Retention